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The Story Behind Uncle T Distributers

How it all began

Uncle T's business started in the small town of Bayou Boeuf, Louisiana where he and his sister grew up. Their great grandmother was known for her delicious homemade cookies, and she would often bake them for family and friends. Uncle T and his sister inherited their mother's love for baking, and they decided to start their own cookie business using their great grandmother's recipe. They worked tirelessly in their small kitchen, baking and packaging cookies to sell at the local farmer's market. Their cookies were an instant hit, and people would often come back for more. Word quickly spread about their delicious cookies, and soon they were selling out at every market they attended. Uncle T and his sister continued to use their great grandmother's recipe, adding their own unique touch to it, and their cookies became a staple in the community. Their business grew, and they eventually moved into a larger space to accommodate the demand. Today, Uncle T's Cookies is a thriving business, but they never forget their humble beginnings in that small town, where they started their business with their great grandmother's recipe and a dream. Their great grandmother's legacy lives on through every batch of cookies they bake, and their love for baking is felt in every bite.

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